Delta Variant is ripping the World!

Delta Variant

Coronavirus has shaken the whole world for more than a year now. The new variants of this are much scarier than one after the other. The new variant called Delta is now ripping the world at an incredible pace, causing more trouble and causing new cases and deaths. The Chief of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has warned everyone about this variant and has been seen in more than 104 countries. This is expecting to be a dominant strain in Covid-19, which is circulating worldwide.


In places where the vaccinations coverage is high, Delta is affecting the world, which was first detected in India and is spreading drastically and quickly. This is affecting the people who are unprotected or unvaccinated and putting high pressure on health systems.

Delta Variant

The situation of the low vaccine coverage places is worst. The Chief warned about the Delta and other highly transmitted variants, which are driving many waves of cases, which are causing a shortage of beds and hospitals. This is resulting in many deaths.

Devastating outbreaks

The countries that have successfully won or managed to get out of the coronavirus lately are also into the chaos of these devastating outbreaks. This is a stressful situation for any country as the economy of these countries is falling rapidly. The lockdown has made everyone’s mindset dull. People have lost their jobs and livelihood because of these lockdowns and quarantines.

Delta Variant

Prioritize the low-middle income country’s vaccines

Instead of going for the vaccines like Pfizer and Modern, the government should go for the vaccines of low-middles income countries, which will help both. The vaccines like COVAX are an African Vaccine AcquisitionTask team that can be channeled to have low vaccine coverage.

Sharing is Caring

Delta Variant

The phrase sharing is caring is now has a different meaning. The countries with vaccine manufacturers are distributing to many other countries. Different countries have started making vaccines that are being tested and making them better every day. The countries are which are having manufacturing countries are providing low vaccines. SII, or the Serum Institute of India, is the world’s biggest vaccine manufacturer which is also the leading supplier to the COVAX facility. They supply Astra Zeneca doses.

The chief has said that there will be no more talks about the low-income countries for the requirement of vaccines by the years 2023 and 2024. There is no time to rest for now, and the countries are striving hard to produce more vaccines and provide protection to the people against the new variants of coronavirus.

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