Disasterous Heatwaves

Disasterous Heatwaves

The Heatwaves that are producing are destructive. The temperature is getting high day by day, causing the death of many people and forest fire. There is a need for immediate measures to be taken, or else it might cause much more trouble.

Causes for these wildfires ‘sky-high.’

The potentials for this record-breaking wildfire season is enormous; there are specific warnings that this could be even more destructive with particular possibilities.
According to the professor of wildland fires, three ingredients could cause the fire.
● They need either vegetation or fuel to start the forest fire.
● Ignition, caused by humans or lightning that struck the forest.
● The weather matters as well. It may be dry, hot, or windy weather to catch fire in forests.

Canadian Weather


The weather in some parts of Canada was recorded to be the hottest in June. It is said that the village of Lytton in British Columbia was reported as Canada’s record temperature of having 49.6℃. Because of this, there was a series of wildfires and burnt a large amount of land in many regions, which was way ahead of the average temperature for this time of the year.

Mountain areas

Due to these heatwaves and the rise in the temperature, there is a lack of hardened and compressed snow in mountain areas this year. In these situations, they act as a barrier to burning and also cover the drought conditions.

California and its neighborhood


The fires had started in some of the places of northern California, and the conditions are bad in eastern Oregon and Washington. According to the estimates by Cal Fire or the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, in California, there are around 42,400 more acres burned this year compared to the same period of 2020.

According to the reports, 1.8 million acres of land has been burnt this year, which is already more than the record of last year in the same period.

The sweep from Wildfire rages the Western US.

The situation in Canada is terrible. There are many deaths caused due to this heatwave and sudden temperature rise.
According to the reports, the loss is not more than the 10-year average, but unfortunately, it is twice more than the year 1970.


If we compare the 10-tear running average, the annual area burnt in the late 60s is around one million and in early 70s, but now, it is about 2.6 million hectors of land getting burnt every ten years.

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