Stop Racial Abuse!!

Racial Abuse

Racial abuse is something is that practiced for many centuries. These days people are against it, but few of them haven’t changed. Abusing someone based on color or anything is an offensive act. People should understand how others feel and should have a sense while talking about unnecessary things.

Racist abuse on England players by England fans

The England fans were abusing the England players after the Euros 2020 as they missed the penalty. They started spreading hate comments on three of the players, namely-
Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka, and Jadon Sancho. The manager said that the racial abuse of these players is “unforgivable.”

UK Prime Minister

Racial Abuse

The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, said that the team deserves to be lauded as heroes and not racially abused on the internet. He also said that the people who are abusing should be ashamed of themselves.

Why are these players getting abused? It is because that these players missed the penalty. Understandably, the England team had been to the finals after 55 years, and they were hyped, but that doesn’t mean that the players should get abused for that. People should know that the team has qualified because of these player’s performances.

Social Media has become a threat.

The social media account of these players has become a threat for real. These matchwinner’s comments are full of abuse and racist comments. Rashford was the target for the last couple of years despite being one of the best left-wing youngsters for Liverpool and England.
Social media companies must take strict and immediate action.


Savills is a real estate service provider company in the UK that has posted a tweet informing that they are committed to eliminating the discrimination. The workforce should encourage diversity after one of their workers had posted an abusive comment on the England players on Twitter.

Racial Abuse

They said that there would be a full investigation carried out as it is an unacceptable incident. Savills has zero tolerance towards racism or discrimination, and the racial comments on these players oppose these tweets. They said that they have started an investigation and also will take appropriate actions towards the abusers.

Understanding is important

It is a game; one will be the winner, and the other will have to try harder. It is good that some people are against these comments, but the people who think abusing someone on social media will make them look cool is a stupid thought. They are humans as well; people need to have minimum humanity and kindness. They won many matches for England in this tournament itself, think about that.Stop Racial Abuse Everyone Is Equal.

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