TV Shows That Will Make You Fall in Love and 5 Movies That Will Make You Cry

Movies and television shows can provoke powerful emotions that make you smile, laugh, cry, jump or even fall in love. Whether you’re going through a breakup or at the beginning of a blossoming relationship, movies and shows that make you cry or fall in love are powerful motivators. If you’re looking for the top TV shows that will make you fall in love or movies to make you cry, look no further. Here are some of the top movies and shows for you:

TV Shows to Make You Fall in Love

Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight is a revolutionary TV show where couples meet and get married immediately. The show covers not only their wedding but also their lives together. Viewers will wish to fall in love at first sight as they watch couples go through the ups and downs of meeting each other in a marriage.


Based in Canada, Heartland has all the great combinations of love, drama, tragedy and betrayal to make you fall in love on the spot. The beauty of the mountains combined with the natural scenes with animals makes for the perfect romance. The show follows multiple couples through the ups and downs of everyday life and love.

New Girl

Although it’s primarily a comedy, New Girl also has the essence of romance at its core. Watch popular couples like Jess and Nick, Schmidt and Cece, and Aly and Winston as they meet, fall in love, and begin their lives together. Watchers will laugh, cry and fall in love as they watch the characters in each stage of life.


Based in the early 1800’s, Bridgerton is the ultimate story of life and love. Watch as the 8 siblings of the Bridgerton family search for love in the high society of Britain. As the siblings succeed, fail and then try again, you will cry and cheer for them at every step of the way.

Virgin River

The ultimate story about finding love when you’re least expecting it, Virgin River features the story of a young nurse practitioner who leaves an old relationship and life in Los Angeles for the remoteness of a Northern California Town. Watching her as she grows into her career, new life, and love will make you fall in love yourself.

Movies to Make You Cry

A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember is about the tragic love story of 2 young teenagers brought together by fate. Jamie, a sweet and kind academic, meets London, a troubled cool kid. They quickly fall in love as they realize their similarities are more than their differences. The end of the movie will tear you apart as you watch Jamie and London tragically say goodbye over cancer.

Marley and Me

With a combination of humour and sadness, Marley and Me are great for animal lovers and drama lovers alike. While most of the movie is cute and light-hearted, a tragic ending will leave viewers sad yet satisfied.

P.S. I Love You

A story of love and remembrance, P.S I love you is a story about a young widow who has a difficult time accepting her husband’s death until she finds letters written to her before his death. Viewers will spend hours crying and dabbing their eyes as they relieve the couples greatest moments together.

Toy Story 3

This Disney classic is sure to leave you blubbering with its heart-breaking finale. Toy Story 3 combines classic humour with an emotional twist that will bring you back to your childhood with Woody and the gang. Woody finally making his departure from Andy in the ending scenes will leave you wiping your eyes.


This classic love story outlasts the boundaries of time. Told from the perspective of an ageing passenger, Titanic features the young love story between a poor boy who wins his boat ticket on a gamble and a rich socialite on her way to America with her mother and fiancé. Based on a true story, this tragic love story will leave you begging for more.

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